Those who've taken a sip of Morningcider's range of brews will know of its delicious qualities. The makers behind the new cider are locals to Morningside (hence the clever name) and are set to open New Zealand's first dedicated cider bar right next door. In the meantime, you can grab one of their refreshing ciders right here at Crave.

We sat down with Tim, one of the Morningcider team.

Who's behind Morningcider? 

Morningcider is a bunch of Morningside locals, friends who love this neighbourhood and are keen to make it a better place to live. We've got a few people who are also part of the Crave collective, Nigel, Lou, and Tim. Plus a couple of people connected to them, Heather and Renee.  

Describe Morningcider in six words or less? 

Drink, Local, Apples 

What inspired the name? 

Like everyone, we love a good pun, love the neighbourhood, and to share a couple of drinks, and thought this would be the perfect combination of all these things. 

What's a good food pairing with Morningcider? 

Our classic 4:30 is best enjoyed around 4:30 in the afternoon, straight after a skate. 

Our 6pm is best enjoyed a bit later with food. If you're at Crave we recommend it with the antipasto platter, hard cheese and cured meats. Good, good times! 

Our Okey Dokey is best enjoyed around 9pm with a cigar and good conversation. 

Our Pineapple and Jalapeno goes down a treat with a spicy fish taco. 

And our Feijoa Sour goes nicely with a couple of corn chips, and some real limey guacamole. 

Where can you drink Morningcider? 

At the moment you can only buy Morningcider at Crave, but coming soon is the Morningcidery where you will be able to try all sorts of local apples. Visit for latest updates.